How it works

I designed this product to be multi-functional despite what the market standards dictate.  A one product for one problem, so they can sell you more stuff. 

I wanted one product to solve many problems. 

Lowers your foot print!

I wanted it use little to no energy and it does! It saves you money, uses no energy, no refrigerator or freezer required.

Cold is its natural state!  

Last for days without recharging.  Use it to lower air conditioning Bills. 
Feel like you need to sleep in the refrigerator?
CorePak can give you relief from the heat and Help you sleep better at night.
CorePak cools off sore muscles and do it all day long when The ever-cooling technology is engaged.
You sweat less because the CorePak helps you retain more water.  More water retention means you sweat less. You no longer need to sweat as much or not at all to cool off.  
It helps you live a better more productive life in many ways.  Increases your stamina while exercising, running, horseback riding, biking, working and more.  It helps you retain more water because you are not going through heat exhaustion and you are not sweating out all your hydration.  It lowers your surface temperatues up 20 degrees in mins.

With My Ever Cooling technology the more you move the colder it gets!

Helps with Overheating due to weather, exercise, work or illness. 

Helps with HOT Flashes, Headaches, Heat stroke, MS, Menopause, FEVER, Colds, sore muscles, injury, sprains, surgery, or on a chilly day. 

How it works:

The CoolDown CorePak works TWO ways.  One as an thermodynamic evaporative and Stacey's Patent Pending Ever cooling technology.  The second, thermal gel absorbs the heat from your body giving you the best CoolDown effect on the market.   The CorePak cools your surface skin 16 degrees in 5 mins and maintains your core-temperature keeping you cool all day long. 

Care of your CoolDown Products

The CoolDown Solutions Care Guide


How to Use:

·        First Place in Cool water in clean sink fully submerged in several inches of clean water.  The water must be deep enough for the Core-pak to have free flowing water all around it.

·        When watering your CoolDown Core-pak for the first time, it is best to submerge your CoolDown Core-pak and let soak for about 10-15 minutes, give or take.  During this time, you will need to massage the gel into place as it absorbs water throughout the pack. Otherwise the gel will not absorb the water properly and stay at the bottom of your Pack and appear to be defective.

·        The FIRST time you water your CoolDown pack, you may see trace amounts of gel on your pack, it may feel a little slimy: these are the excess particles coming out, and you may wipe them away with a towel or brush. THIS PRODUCT IS 100% NON-TOXIC. This effect will only last for the first few waterings.

·        For best results, Wet your Core-pak to activate the coolness every morning for 3 to 5 minutes OR every other day, depending on your personal preference of rigidness for your CoolDown pack:  Do this by soaking your CoolDown pack in cool water in a clean sink; however, if you’re hiking on a trail, a nearby creek should have some free flowing water that will work just as well.  Or any kind of water will work

·        During a hot day, your CoolDown pack will keep you cool by providing you with icy cool relief while absorbing your body heat.  Sometimes depending on the conditions your core-pak may warm up because it is absorbing the heat of your body or there is no air flow.  Gently wave your Core-pak back and forth, hold it in front of a fan, or hang it near the car window for 2-3 minutes to dissipate the absorbed heat fast.

Your core-pak has the ability to cool down fast and hold the coolness for days. 

·        This product should be snug fitting so that the garment is close to your skin.  The better to absorb that nasty heat!  But it should not be tight.  Snug not tight.  You should be able to put your arms out in front of you without discomfort.

·        We DO NOT RECOMEND you FREEZE THIS PRODUCT!  If you freeze it, YOU could break it.  It is best to keep your Core-pak hydrated by soaking it in cool water. You ARE able to refrigerate your CoolDown Core-pak for a more chilling experience as well as MICROWAVE your CoolDown Pack for warm moist tension relief on your back or other parts.

How to Clean: At least once a week. 

·        This product is machine washable on the DELICATE cycle: NO SPIN. (machine washing will reduce the life of the Core-pak.  So do so sparingly.)

·        Hand wash with water diluted detergent.  Pour the solution over your CoolDown pack using your hands to massage the soap in for about 2 minutes; followed by a rinse out soap. We recommend cleaning your CoolDown Core-pak at least once a week. while it is in the water add a little soap while you are filling it for the day. 

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