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CoolDown™ Where you Live!

How it works

I designed this product to be multi-functional despite what the market standards dictate.  A one product for one problem, so they can sell you more stuff. 

I wanted one product to solve many problems. 

Saves money and lower carbon foot print. 


I wanted it to use little to no energy

and it does!

It saves you money, uses no energy, no refrigerator or freezer required.

Cold is its natural state!  

Last for days without recharging.
  Lowering air conditioning Bills. 
Feel like you need to sleep in the refrigerator?
CorePak™ can give you relief from the heat and Help you sleep better at night.
CorePak™ cools off sore muscles and does it all day long when The ever-cooling technology™ is engaged.
You sweat less, because the CorePak™ helps you retain more water.  More water retention means you sweat less. 
It helps you live a better more productive life in many ways.  Increases your stamina while exercising, running, horseback riding, biking, working and more.  It helps you retain more water because you are not going through heat exhaustion and you are not sweating out all your hydration.  
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The CorePak™ maintains your core temperature in the hottest weather while cooling your surface temperature up to 20+ degrees in mins! 

With My Ever Cooling technology™ the more you move the colder it gets!

Helps with Overheating due to weather, exercise, work or illness. 

Helps with HOT Flashes, Headaches, Heat stroke, MS, Menopause, FEVER, Colds, sore muscles, injury, sprains, surgery, or on a chilly day. 

How it works:

The CoolDown CorePak™ works TWO ways.  One as an thermodynamic evaporative and Stacey's US and International Patent Pending Ever cooling technology™.  The second, thermal gel absorbs the heat from your body giving you the best CoolDown™ effect on the market.   The CorePak™ cools your surface skin 16 degrees in 5 mins and maintains your core-temperature keeping you cool all day long.