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You can Warm up with CorePak™. 

Your one stop temperature maintenance product.

   US and International Patent Pending   

Reasons to warm up with CorePak™!

1.  It is cold outside, feels like a sauna :)
2.  Lower back pain
4.  Doctors say warm moist Heat is the best
         for sore muscles.
5.  Feels good. Like a warm hug!

Steps to Heat up:
Microwave in Two minute increments until warm.  
Use to warm up for winter, sore muscles, cold, flu, arthritis and more.  Please use discretion. 
The CorePak™ is filled with water and will be very hot!  Like when you microwave other things, like coffee... so Please think before you put this next to your skin and check and to see if it may be too hot.  If too hot wave around until it cools to a desired level.  Not intended for children.  
hot infrared corepak meme 150 dpi.jpg

   US and International Patent Pending   
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