Colors of the Corepak

CoolDown Corepak and our ever-cooling technologies

In stock, This is the last of the Original Pre-loaded Corepak styles. With Velcro refilling ports all the way across the top.  Click on the store below to see all the Woman's and Men's styles.  Hurry before we run out!!

Our one size fits most size CoolDown Core-Pak!  This a full coverage unit covering most of your back. With multiple setting for year around comfort and use. 

Large and in charge but still can be sized down to fit almost anyone.  Made with refillable ports all the way across the top for easy refilling.  This garment is tough and will last for years! 

Cooldown online, hot weather, MS, fibro myalgia, heat stroke, hot flashes, menopause



“It saved my life, I have MS and I do not know what I would do without it.  I can go anywhere and the core-pak keeps my temperature regulated so I can enjoy summer again with my family and freinds. ” 

—  Bernice of Colorado, home maker

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