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My Story and Journey to CoolDown™ the world one person a time!

"The details are not the details.
They make the design" 

- Charles Eames - 

 We are a company that provides you with Amazing personal cooling relief in the summer as well as warmth when you need it. 
No Freezer or Refrigerator required.  My goal is Cooling down the world one person at a time while remaining energy efficient and will lower your foot print. This product can help all over the world especially where electricity and air conditioning are a problem. My CorePak remains cold in the hottest temperatures with no refrigeration or Freezer. 
This product needs neither. 
   US and International Patent Pending   
Hi, I am the inventor of the CoolDown CorePak™.  I want to cool down the world one person at a time.  I designed my product to be multi-functional and to use No electricity or Refrigeration required with my ever-cooling technology.  You will be amazed.

I have Multiple Sclerosis and it has been a life long struggle...and the reason I invented this Amazing Product that will change your life too.  People with MS are heat sensitive. 

I invented it to help me get through the summer heat while I was in Arizona.  I had no idea it would change so many lives in positive ways.  I still get calls all the time that still make my cry to hear how it has changed their lives.  From the mom with the disable child that smiled for the first time this the man that could not go outside in the heat.  Now he can go fishing with his mom.  Or the woman that had migraines every day now only has one or two a month. Or the mom that called me and whispers "she is sleeping" on the phone to me because her infant went right to sleep with this product after she got her shots.   "CoolDown™ while you live" is one of our slogans for a reason.  You will use this product in so many ways for yourself and your family.


I designed this product to be multi-functional despite what the market standards dictate.  A one product for one problem, so they can sell you more stuff.  I wanted one product to solve many problems.  It saves you money, uses no energy, no refrigerator or freezer required. Cold is its natural state!  It helps you live a better more productive life in many ways.  Increases your stamina while exercising, or working.  The CorePak™ maintains your core temperature in the hottest weather while cooling your surface temperature up to 20+ degrees in mins!  You can wear it right side up for multiple setting of cold or upside down for lower back coverage or if and when this product gets too cold.  Yes, it gets too cold.  You can also microwave it to warm up on a cold day or for sore muscles!  MOIST heat is the best! Ask your Doctor! You can wear it inside out or right side out, your choice!   I made it so you can have more than one color in one unit.  Color on outside and black on the inside. I designed it to be fashionable as well as extremely comfortable. It can fit easily on a chair or car seat.  So please take it to work!  I wanted to call it "My Best Friend" because I use it for many things and I take mine everywhere!  This is a truly multi-use product that the whole family will fight over...…:)



Why I invented it.......


I was living in an RV traveling around the country living my dream before MS ended them all.  I am very sick…..I have had shingles now for years because of the autoimmune disease MS.  So I am on the road checking off my bucket list!  While on my trip I was doing my art and peddling my inventions.  I did dog training and life coaching to make money wherever I went.  I had no problems finding work on the go as I relaxed and enjoyed my days.  I loved meeting new people and generally living every day to the fullest while I could. 


I was trying to get out of Arizona and head to cooler climate before the big heat hit, When I had heard it was supposed to be 122 degrees in less than a week!  Just so you know When it is 122 outside it in quite a bit more in an Rv.  (think tin can, lol).  But there was no way I could leave yet, I still needed to be in Arizona to finish my business.  I was so worried…..I had spent a summer already in Arizona and knew it was awful. 


I am an inventor, so thought that “I can do this…..” I had been thinking

about it for a while and decided it was time to pull the trigger!  So, I did! 

I barely got it done the night before the day it was going to be

122 degrees, I used my product for the first time ever and I did not even

break a sweat!!  I could not even believe what I was feeling!  Both of my

air conditioning units froze up and died at 4pm because of how hot it

was………I thought for sure I would be a goner.  It usually took 30 mins

for the air to come back on….I was sure I was going to die… But my

invention worked!!! I did not even break a sweat! I felt great!  I realized

the amazing implications immediately.


This is why I need to share this amazing product, so it can help many people all over the world.  It is getting HOT out there and our world is showing it!  This product  can save lives!


CoolDown Solutions™ 

"Cooling down the world one person at a time".

This is my dream.  I want to give back to the community, from donating to the needy to opening a factory here in the USA.  I am working hard to do this despite my challenges to make this dream come true!  You can help!  Sign up for our email updates.  

I will donate one Corepak for every one sold to a US disabled Veteran or needy person. 



shutterstock_448265677 melting man in su

I got to travel around in several different extremes from very HOT to Very Cold.  122 degrees in Arizona to -32 degrees in Colorado! My faithful companions and protector Max traveled with me to the end.

I did my photography, Art and Dog training while on the road to support myself.

  CoolDown While you LIVE!   
   US and International Patent Pending   
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