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CoolDown Solutions is Making Masks!

CoolDown Solutions has the solution for your Mask needs.  We have started making mask to help in this Crisis.  We are trying to keep the prices reasonable by sourcing locally and NOT using unnecessary packaging.   Of course, We always support our local economy with local employees. 
Our mask are designed to fit snuggly and comfortable without unnecessary adjustment once properly fitted.  We even have options for a deluxe mask for more room for people who need to talk a lot in their jobs, like a our essential workers and those that are ready to get back to Work! 
20200405_155746 cropped.jpg
Remember, it is up to US to help stop the spread.
A BIG THANKS to all those out there putting your lives on the line to help everyone else.
Our Deluxe Mask stays on your face with little to no adjustments, once properly fitted. Our product does not go around your ears, so say, no to ear strain. We use a different system than elastic, that means less touching your face.  With our system of attachment and a Heavy duty nose piece our mask stay snug while staying in place, no matter how much you move or talk.  Our New design allows for easy access around your neck when needed, with no further adjustments required throughout the day.  Easy on, Easy off! 
We can do custom design And Large quantities order upon request.
Call 970-901-5429 to request your order. 

Fit for men.

Fits young children, young adults and women.

We can only get a general color for as fabrics are limited at this time!  So pick a color and will 

How to wear Our Masks. It is a little different....

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