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Warm your BUTT up for winter with Corepak.

Holds heat for 45 minutes in  35-40 degree weather!  Feels like you are in a hot tub.



Core-Pak while YOU Concert!


Core-Pak while YOU Relax......


Core-Pak while YOU Run!


Core-Pak While YOU Work. 

CoolDown Solutions

Personal Temperature maintenance of the Future!


Hi everyone!

I am the inventor of the CoolDown Corepak.  I want to tell you how it has changed my life and it will change yours too!  I have MS with complications and am very heat sensitive.  Now I can go out into the heat and get through all those hot flashes with ease, so I can enjoy my life.  I am launching my product this month and am trying to get onto Shark Tank, too!  Wish me luck!  I will be launching Crowdfunding with kick starter in a few weeks. Stay Tuned and please join me on my adventure!  Check me out on TV, Sonoran living in Phoenix Arizona below and Sac&co from Sacramento California.