Warm your BUTT up for winter with Corepak.

Holds heat for 45 minutes in  35-40 degree weather!  Feels like you are in a hot tub.



Core-Pak while YOU Concert!


Core-Pak while YOU Relax......


Core-Pak while YOU Run!


Core-Pak While YOU Work. 

CoolDown Solutions

Personal Temperature maintenance of the Future!

Hi everyone!

I am the inventor of the CoolDown Corepak.  I want to tell you how it has changed my life and it will change yours too!  I have MS with complications and am very heat sensitive.  Now I can go out into the heat and get through all those hot flashes with ease, so I can enjoy my life.  I am launching my product this month and am trying to get onto Shark Tank, too!  Wish me luck!  I will be launching Crowdfunding with kick starter in a few weeks. Stay Tuned and please join me on my adventure!  Check me out on TV, Sonoran living in Phoenix Arizona below and Sac&co from Sacramento California.
We have your CoolDown Solutions
Heat, can cause all kinds of problems....

Like .....


Heat exhaustion


and Heat Stroke!

CoolDown Corepak Has the Solutions

  CoolDown While you live! 

The Corepak Lowers your temperature FAST!


  • It Helps maintain your core temperature so you don't over heat in the hottest weather.

  • This Corepak stays around 50-70 degrees, usually 20-30 degrees lower than the ambient temperature.

  • Cools you down Fast! Right now! YOUR surface temperature drops 20 degrees in just minutes!

  • Ever Cooling technologies makes it Last for Days!

  • It is made so the more you move the Colder the pak gets. 

  • No Refrigeration Required!

  • No Freezer Required!

  • You can even Microwave it! Holds heat up to 45 mins.

  • Sore muscle relief

  • Easy and comfortable to wear. You won't be leaving this at home.

With proper core temperatures

Maintenance you....

How it works!

1. Purchase

2. Soak in water

3. towel dry (usually completely dry in minutes)

4. Put on and enjoy!

Order now!




Corepak while YOU Concert!


Corepak while YOU Relax......


Corepak while YOU Run!


Corepak While YOU Work. 

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