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Warm up With Corepak!

Feels like a hot tub on your back! 

        45 minutes.

Mother measuring temperature of her ill

Great for Therapy!

Great for Therapy!
  • MOIST HEAT-Doctors say Moist heat is the best for sore Muscles, rheumatoid arthritis and Just to warm up on a cold day!

Microwave for in 2 min increments till hot. This will vary as it depends on how cold the core-pak starts out at. Do not Microwave for more than 6 mins.  Please use discretion when heating.  Like microwaving a cup of water be careful when heating. It gets hot!

  • COLD-Ice is great for injuries but for a limited amount of time. Too long of exposure to ice can cause tissue damage and more pain.  Only leave ice on your skin for no more than 20 minutes. 

The Corepak never goes into the freezer so you can leave it on as long as you like. No refrigeration or freezer required.

The corepak work two ways.  

  1. It absorbs the heat or your body into itself cooling down your skin surface in mere minutes.  This causes your body to send more blood to that area to warm that area up.  The Corepak covers a large part of your back where the tissue is the thinnest, near the heart and the main arteries.  With my Ever-cooling technology it keeps the pak cool all day long causing your heart to pump the cooled blood throughout your body keeping you cool.

  2. The heat then dissipates into the ambient air with my Ever-cooling technology. 

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